PAF In School

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PAF (Power, Attitude & Focus) is a powerful yet simple framework that fosters awareness and connection. It’s a transformative tool that empowers students and staff to better understand themselves and others.

PAF can completly transform the way we prepare our new generation.

Discover how PAF can transform your classroom and create a culture of connection and understanding.


And what is the purpose of paf?

Incorporating PAF exercises into the classroom helps children develop on a deeper level. Through mutual respect and the ability to acknowledge ourselves and others, everyone learns how to create a positive class environment.

PAF in School is a transformative approach that enriches the learning environment by fostering a culture of mutual respect and self-awareness. By integrating PAF exercises into daily routines, both students and staff develop a common language centered on trust and the recognition of individual strengths and potential.

Creating a Positive Class Environment When we genuinely care for, accept, and understand each other, we foster a sense of belonging and ensure that everyone feels seen and valued for who they are. PAF cultivates these essential qualities, leading to more harmonious and supportive classroom dynamics.

Long-lasting Impact on School Culture Once PAF exercises are embedded into the daily life of a school, they contribute to enduring changes in the school’s culture. This approach promotes ongoing growth and connection within the educational community.

Building a Strong Classroom Culture When the entire staff is united in the goal of creating a healthier and more positive environment through PAF, the culture of the classroom transforms. Students become more self-assured and gain a profound understanding of themselves, which is reflected in their interactions and attitudes.

Discover how PAF can bring about lasting positive changes in your school community by nurturing a culture of respect, understanding, and personal growth.


5th grade's transformation with PAF

"The change was noticeable from the start and keeps getting better and better. The class became a completely different class in just three months. 

From being a very difficult class characterized by uncertainty and aggressive behavior between the students, it is now a class where it is possible to create an atmosphere where the students, for example after a weekend can sit and tell each other about what they have experienced. This can be done in a very cozy atmosphere, and at the same time a learning space has emerged where it is OK to be ambitious and ready to learn. 

One of the things that has especially created security in the class is that through the PAF exercises, all the students have gained an understanding of each other and a better relationship with each other. This means that none of the elves feel alone with exactly their own challenge. 

All the students are challenged in one way or another, and the layout method has given the students an understanding of this. As a teacher, I have especially learned that a class only works optimally when each individual student feels good at home and at school."

Peter Skov Madsen

PAF Counselor and Teacher at Katrinedalskolen

PAF in action

What does the parents and students say?

"I am deeply touched and grateful"

"Throughout 2nd grade, Silas' well-being declined sharply. At the same time, in the class they had had a lot of changes in the teaching and pedagogic staff and a few long-term sick leave. Then PAF came to Ellekildeskolen, and quite quickly something started to happen both with the class and with Silas.

Silas began to thrive, and the class got to know each other in a completely different way.

And when Silas said on his first day on his way to school, "Mom, my stomach is tickling, I'm so looking forward to seeing the adults and my class", yes, it makes so much sense to work with PAF and the children's well-being. I am deeply moved and grateful for what the school and PAF have helped to change for us.”

Karina Møller Hansen

Parent to Silas

Hear a student's experience with PAF

“As a daily leader in the school system over many years, this is the first time I’ve experienced a tool that works in a holistic way. The PAF concept works in the classroom with only a minimal effort. A simple and very efficient tool that is very useful for our daily life at school. We are currently integrating PAF fully for everyone who is a part of our school – Employees, students, and parents.

In recent years, the pressure on the employees has grown. Because of this simple tool which is so easily integrated, I see great opportunities for a positive development of the schools in Denmark.

Jacob Martinsen

Headmaster at Ellekildeskolen in Sakskøbing